• Sep192017

    UK Manufacturing ‘Grows Despite Brexit’

    While the progress of the UK’s exit from the European Union is weighing on businesses in all sectors of the…

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  • Sep072017

    Are We Ready For Dawn Of Golden Age Of Gas?

    Experts have stated that it is time to get ready for a golden age for the gas industry, as Big…

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  • Aug232017

    £1 Million Boost For Cornish Lithium Mining Project

    Company Cornish Lithium has announced that it has secured £1 million in funding from incoming shareholders that include Keith Liddell…

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  • Aug172017

    New Super-Light Graphene-Ceramic Metamaterial Developed

    Purdue University in Indiana in the US has just developed a new lightweight metamaterial composite that combines nanolayers of aluminium…

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  • Aug042017

    Female Engineers ‘Facing Discrimination’ At Work

    A new study has found that 63 per cent of women in engineering have experienced discrimination in the form of…

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  • Jul132017

    Snefrid Nord Development Plans Announced

    Statoil has stated that it plans to develop the Snefrid Nord gas discovery in the Norwegian Sea and has submitted…

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  • Jun192017

    UK Oil And Gas Efficiency Up

    Production efficiency for oil and gas on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) increased to 73 per cent in 2016, representing…

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  • Jun082017

    IOG Working To Bring SNS Pipeline Back To Life

    The decommissioned Thames Gas pipeline in the Southern North Sea (SNS) could be back up and running by 2020 under…

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