Beam Pump Manufacture

Pentag’s oilfield division are the sole manufacturer of Beam Pumping Units in the U.K.

Beam Pumping

A range of Pumping units are manufactured by the oilfield equipment division of Pentag Gears & Oilfield Equipment Ltd as a natural extension of Pentag’s precision engineering and gear manufacturing activities.

Exceptional Design

The philosophy behind the design of these units is rugged construction, incorporating our precision engineering principles.

Trouble free operation in ALL climatic conditions.

An easy and unique method of adjustment of the counterbalance weights for tuning purposes.

Foolproof installation procedures.

Easy access for inspection and maintenance.

Simple stroke adjustment.

Unobtrusive operation with Pentag “Silent Helical” gear reducers.

Accepts any type of prime mover.

All units are Manufactured to the highest standards of British engineering and incorporate.

Corrosion resistant adjustment mechanisms.

All bolted construction for easy assembly.

Fully sealed roller or bar type bearings fitted in all journals.

In designing these units Pentag have relied on the knowledge and expertise of the maintenance and operational staff of one of the world’s most experienced oil companies to produce a modern, low maintenance, durable and extremely functional pumping unit which provides a yard-stock for the future. All units comply with A.P.I specifications.

Our beam pumps in operation

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