Food And Drinks Sector In Critical Need Of Engineers

Food And Drinks Sector In Critical Need Of Engineers
18th October 2016 Pentag Gears

The need for more engineers to incorporate industrial gear design into the newest food manufacturing technology is now at a critical level, according to new research. According to, a skills shortage within the industry now poses a real threat as the food and drinks sector finds its place in the economic landscape post-Brexit.
Engineering body the EEF has found that 83 per cent of manufacturers need to invest in staff skills, something that they say will be important in the next decade because of the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’ (4IR), which promises to transform the way in which we manufacture goods and products.
EEF chief economist Lee Hopley says that the human element of this largely technological-led revolution is still an important one: “Manufacturers are aware that it will be a gamechanger,” he says, “not just for investment in technologies, but for the cutting-edge, high level skills required alongside.”
Engineering skills will be worth another £27 billion to the economy by 2022, according to reports, and thought the 4IR will require most input into new technology and software, 34 per cent will also need new staff with specialist engineering skills to adapt to the new environment.
At present, manufacturers are investing in multi-purpose production lines, cloud solutions and equipment with sensors embedded within, but according to the study, in the next five years, they’ll be looking towards augmented reality, 3D simulation and fully autonomous robots as part of a new wave of manufacturing technology.
The solution according to Engineering UK, is to help more children to pursue the field by encouraging key subjects such as science and maths.


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