Marine Industry Jobs Among The Riskiest

Marine Industry Jobs Among The Riskiest
29th November 2016 Pentag Gears

The marine industry has always been at the forefront of precision engineering but did you know that it is one of the most dangerous industries in the world for its workers?

At the forefront of this are construction divers. These workers play a crucial role in inspecting oil rigs, building bridges, jetting pipelines and in the construction of tunnels, and sometimes they may need to work as deep as 950ft.

It is working at this depth that can cause many of the risks, but there are also risk from being hit by debris and drowning in shallow water in high traffic areas.

Property Casualty reports that oil rig workers are also one of the most at risk professionals, with regards to danger at work. While the risk of fire, or attack, is obviously very high for these workers, one of the main causes of accident and injury is when they are being transported to the rig.

Having to transverse choppy and stormy seas they are extremely vulnerable to sudden weather condition changes and the impact this can have on the sea.

The most common cause of injury is in transport baskets which are hoisted to great heights over the seas without any harnesses or ropes. This can either be toppled by a sudden ocean swell, or workers can slip from these as they are crossing from the basket onto the rig.

Workers have to be tested for signs of extreme exhaustion before they can use the transportation device, as many workers work long, gruelling shifts on the oil rigs.

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