Cornwall Wave Energy Project Receives Funding

Cornwall Wave Energy Project Receives Funding
11th November 2016 Pentag Gears

A project to create a 15MW commercial wave energy site in Cornwall has received European funding.

The initiative at Wave Hub in the south-west county has been granted £9.6 million from the European Regional Development Fund and will allow local organisations to work with Australian company Carnegie Wave Energy (CWE) to deliver the project.

CWE is the only company in the world to have successfully operated a grid-connected wave energy project throughout the four seasons, with its first scheme running off the coast of Western Australia at Garden Island.

Stage 1 of the project will involve designing, constructing, installing and operating a 1MW CETO 6 wave energy convertor device, using technology that CWE has developed over a decade.

The device will be adapted to suit local conditions and designed for large-scale deployment. Stage 2 involves the expansion of the project to enable it to be commercialised.

Tim Sawyer, CWE’s UK CEO, explained that the funding, as well as the opportunity to bring in private investments, has not only given the company to deploy its innovative technology, but will also involve “leveraging the UK’s world-class marine science, engineering research and operational expertise”.

In June this year, government minister Anna Soubry delivered a speech at the INVESTINBLUE conference that highlighted the UK’s world-leading status in the sector, and urged more organisations from around the world to invest in marine industries in the UK and take advantage of the country’s infrastructure and expertise.

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