UK Oil Field Receives 35th Pentag Beam Pump

UK Oil Field Receives 35th Pentag Beam Pump
10th April 2019 Pentag Gears

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the delivery of our 35th beam pump for Wytch Farm Oil Field in Dorset.

This is the largest onshore oilfield in Western Europe, operated by Perenco and was originally founded by British Gas corporation back in 1980. The average daily oil production of the Wytch Farm Oil Field is more than 13,000 barrels.

The Wytch Farm Oil Field comprises three separate oil reservoirs, including the Bridport and Sherwood Jurassic sandstone oil reservoirs and the Frome clay/limestone oil reservoir. Bridport lies 900m beneath the surface, the Sherwood reservoir is situated at a depth of 1,600m and the Frome reservoir, is 750m below the surface.

As the sole UK manufacturer of beam pumping units in the UK, we have been supplying to Wytch Farm Oil Field for almost 40 years.

Andrew Larkin, Production Manager at Pentag Gears, comments: “This has been a result of a strong partnership and has involved close collaboration with engineers at Wytch Farm Oil Field. As a result, when orders for individual units have been received, we have designed, manufactured and delivered the units on time and to budget.”

At Pentag, we offer unobtrusive operation of beam pumps with ‘Silent Helical’ gear reducers. All beam pumps are manufactured to the highest quality standards and incorporate corrosion resistant adjustment mechanisms. These beam pumps offer longevity and trouble-free operation in all climatic conditions. They also feature a bolted construction for easy assembly and fully sealed roller or bar type bearings fitted throughout.

The beam pumps are extremely flexible and accept any type of prime mover. Our design also offers an easy and unique method of adjustment of the counterbalance weights for tuning purposes. In addition, Pentag’s beam pumps provide easy access for inspection and maintenance, as well as simple stroke adjustment.

Our team of experts have the knowledge and expertise to produce a modern, low maintenance, durable and extremely functional pumping unit which provides long term
reliable operation. All units comply with A.P.I specifications.

The latest scheduled delivery to Wytch Farm Oil Field follows our recent relocation to Williamthorpe Industrial Estate at Holmewood in Chesterfield into larger premises, alongside our sister company BG Engineering.